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We are feeding the world, by providing a fricitionless food supplychain marketplace that brings together all parties in the agri-food value chain.


Trust & Transparency

Partners delivering produce to market don't show up, labeled farm inputs are mysteriously, wrongly labeled and sold to farmers, which in turn is consumed by you the consumer.

Costly Intermediaries

Middleman make more money then farmers. You would be upset to if you were forced to sell your produce at local prices, and international markets provide a live able wage.

Waste Managment

In Africa a large amount of waste 80% happens in the early stages of the value chain; compared to the Western world where 60% of food waste happens at the end of the value chain, your supermarket!


Foodsply works more similar to a social network, but its instead. Instead prime role of the platform is farm together as a community and sell your produce at market rates and most of all earn a sustainable living.


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Gaining fair market value

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Secure Payment Way

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Foodsply Solution

Community Based

Farm as a community. Work together, earn, and buy assets that benefit the group. Small holder farmers rally together to provide the best service and get ahead!


In this world reputation matters, people trust other who have a good reputation. It can take a life time to create and can be gone in a second. Peoples food is important so keep standards high.


Logicical challenges are a big concern obtain quotes from groups of delivery drivers who are looking to gain cash flow, by providing packaging and delivery services.


Track and trace the source of food items. By being transparent nefarious parties will have no where to hide. Government will better be able to make better decisions.

Featured Products

Our Services

Agriculture is one of the largest industries in the world. Currently its going threw a revolution, let us help you navigate the new world.

International Markets

International markets provide a new opportunity for farmers and value chain members to export there produce.


Train farmers on new sustainable growing methods. We will literally make you smarter just by paying attention and applying yourself.

Fight Food Waste

We fight food waste by recycling it and turning it into fertilizer, which can in turn grow more food and regenerate soil.


The food you eat has to find a way to your table. We provide the network that makes it happen farm to fork service.


Embrace new ways of doing things. New thoughts and ideas, such as vertical farming, allowing farmers to grow more food in less space.


Foodsply goal is to faciliate trustless exchange between users of the platform, by doing this we can foster together and reduce bottle necks.

How It Works


Join or create a group and decide on the produce that you would like to grow. Create agreements with other communities

Increase Precision

Reduce bottle necks and increase the overall efficiency of the supply chain. By reducing costly intermediaries and making government more transparent and precise.

Real World Prices

Register community assets and sell your community driven produce direct to market. Register group admins who make decisions on behalf of the group.

Logistics & Packaging

Issue a quote in order to get deliveries and best of all build your supply chain, based on reputation. Get you produce delivered to your safe place.

How food Got There

Track and trace the source of produce items, including farm inputs from farm to fork. Know where you food comes from.

Technical Support

One persons trash is another persons treasure. The food waste you throw is treasure and can be reused to for fertilizer.

Frequently Asked Questions !

What is Foodsply?

Foodsply is a community based agriculture platform that empowers small holder farmers. Foodsply allows farmers to sell direct and build value as a community as opposed to being an individual.

How does food get delivered?

Food gets delivered by creating digital agreements between different communities.

Who do we provide Empowerment for?

Women produce 70 percent of Africa's food, yet most women don’t even own the land they work so hard on.

What is a Small Holder Farmer?

According to Heifer International, in the developing world, a smallholder farm is a family-owned enterprise operating on up to 10 hectares, or 24 acres, with most smallholder farmers cultivating less than 2 hectares, or 5 acres, of land. Most often these are women!

How are we Different?

We operate using new innovative business models.

Why Africa?

Africa is at the precipice of innovation and bracing for an agriculture revolution.

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